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Dental crowns, when first applied, are given a strong dental adhesive to cement them onto their abutments for a strong anchor that should endure several years of wear. However, at times, the complications of oral trauma or poor oral hygiene can weaken the hold of a dental crown. If your dental crown feels loose or has even come off, do not delay seeking treatment from a dental professional.

The longer you hold off on fixing a loose dental crown, the more likely you are to also develop unhelpful dental conditions. Until you can see a dentist, we encourage you to keep in mind some tips to prevent further damage to your dental crown or its tooth.

First, we remind you to not wiggle or poke at the loose crown, or else it may result in discomfort, pain, or damage to the abutment that is underneath. If an instance of oral trauma has left blood or debris in your mouth, you can use lukewarm saltwater to gently rinse it away, but leave all other methods of cleaning to Dr. Stephen Henry and our highly trained dental team.

If your abutment tooth beneath the crown is still in good shape, our dentist may be able to re-cement your dental crown back on the tooth. If the abutment is no good, root canal therapy may be needed to repair the tooth structures so that we can place a new dental crown in your smile.

We invite you to call Dr. Stephen Henry DDS at 650-341-5656 today if you have a loose dental crown in Foster City, California, and require dental assistance.