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If you have not yet scheduled your next oral cancer screening this year, we invite you to do so without delay because oral cancer can develop in any smile regardless of your age, race, or sex. An early diagnosis can greatly improve your chance for a full recovery from oral cancer. Receiving regular oral cancer screenings every six months enables you to protect your smile with the professional assistance of your dentist.

Oral cancer can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms that announce its presence, particularly physical abnormalities in the neck, head, face, or mouth. These common symptoms of oral cancer can manifest as unexplained rashes, cuts, crusts, or patchy red-and-white blotches. You may notice these on your own, but we encourage you to have a family member help you check your mouth regularly just in case.

You may also experience certain sensations with your mouth, including a hard time breathing, a chronic sore throat, or a persistent lump in your throat, as well as the occurrence of unexplained weight loss. If you notice any of these irregularities in your smile or more, contact Dr. Stephen Henry for an oral cancer screening in Foster City, California. We invite you to call 650-341-5656 today to arrange your visit with our dentist.