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Your new partial denture was designed by Dr. Stephen Henry to replicate the presence and function of your missing teeth. Even though it will not fall victim to tooth decay the removable dental appliance will still need daily care and consistent oral hygiene habits.

Many partial denture wearers will use a small bead of denture adhesive to bond the unit to the underlying gums and to prevent stray food matter from invading the base. If something does work its way in you should thoroughly rinse the unit and reapply a fresh bead of adhesive.

You need to thoroughly rinse your partial denture at the end of each day. This will help to clear away residual denture adhesive and provide a clean surface the next morning. You will want to brush your partial with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste. You should then soak the partial denture in water and store it in a safe place.  

Once this is done you can go about brushing and flossing the rest of your natural teeth as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. If you are in the Foster City, California, area and you have questions about how to best maintain your new partial denture you can always call 650-341-5656 to speak to a staff member at Dr. Stephen Henry DDS. We look forward to helping you maintain your healthy, confident smile for a lifetime!