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Root canal treatment is often the recommended procedure to address an infection in tooth pulp or a tooth root, and Dr. Stephen Henry often utilizes this treatment to prevent a tooth from being removed. Many patients prefer to receive tooth replacement over root canal treatment because they consider it an unpleasant procedure that can cause sickness, but extensive research has shown this is not the case. Root canals have become an effective and convenient treatment thanks to modern advancements and dental technology.

If a tooth has been compromised, we may need to perform the following steps of a root canal procedure:

– A rubber dam can be placed around the tooth at the start of the treatment in order to keep the area clean and dry to optimize the procedure.

– We then create an opening in the tooth to access the inner structure and remove the infected pulp so that the tooth chamber can be cleaned and dried. Any remaining bacteria can be eliminated with an antimicrobial solution that is applied to the tooth.

– A rubbery material called gutta percha can be used to replace the tooth pulp that was. Then, we can seal the tooth with a temporary dental filling so that the tooth remains protected until your custom dental crown is ready to be placed.

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