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Minor cavities and small areas of dental attrition can often be treated by having a dentist apply a simple dental filling. The treatment process might also be called onto address a chipped tooth.

The material applied to the prepared surface can rival the natural durability of tooth enamel without being susceptible to bacterial tooth decay. Yet as time goes on tooth enamel erosion and poor oral hygiene habits can slowly start to weaken the once strong connection between a dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel.

Early symptoms of a distressed dental filling often include growing sensitivity and discomfort in the tooth. In some of these cases the patient also notices a change in the tooth’s surface texture or a localized area of discoloration.

If you have a tooth with an old dental filling that has started to give you trouble, you should have it examined as soon as possible by our dentist. Without professional intervention the affected tooth could suffer more significant complications.

In a case where the dental filling is large Dr. Stephen Henry might recommend a dental crown restoration to fully replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another durable material

The treatment process involves him using professional tools and techniques to remove the distressed dental filling as well as the remaining tooth enamel layer. A detailed impression of the internal abutment will be made, to serve as a guide for the dental technicians who will construct your dental crown from materials that rival the durability of natural tooth enamel.

If you are in the Foster City, California, area and you have a tooth with a distressed dental filling, you should call 650-341-5656 to have it examined and treated at Dr. Stephen Henry DDS.