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Struggling with bad breath can suppress your self-esteem and affect your confidence. If you seem to have chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, our team invites you to try several home remedies for bad breath, including:

Brushing and flossing: You can ward off bad breath by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. If you struggle with an inconsistent oral hygiene routine, you could be allowing food particles to remain in your mouth and produce bad breath. Daily proper brushing and flossing can reduce plaque and bacteria buildup that would otherwise contribute to bad breath.

Cleaning your tongue: It’s important to include your tongue in your daily oral care to prevent bad breath. Bacteria can gather on your tongue and produce an unpleasant scent unless you take time to brush your tongue from back to front to remove these particles. You may want to try a tongue scraper for an effective clean.

Eating healthy: Potent foods such as raw garlic and onion can give you strong breath, but many patients are not aware of the risks of acidic foods such as vinegar or foods that are high in fructose. Replace these types of foods with healthy options that boost saliva flow, including:

– Orange and dark green vegetables
– Whole grains
-Lean proteins
– Fruits that aren’t acidic

If these tips are not enough to freshen your breath, contact our dentist, Dr. Stephen Henry, at 650-341-5656 and schedule an appointment to discuss your options for bad breath treatment in Foster City, California.