Dentures Can Bring Your Smiling Days Back

Are you missing one or more of your pearly white teeth? Do your missing teeth make your smile seem older than you really are? There could be a reason behind that. Once you have lost all of your teeth, your facial muscles can begin to sag. The good news is... Read more »

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

The health of the body and the health of the mouth are very closely connected. Studies have linked poor mouth health to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, certain pregnancy complications and other health problems. In turn, certain conditions can increase your risk for mouth diseases. For example, those with... Read more »

How to Remove Bad Breath from Your Mouth and Your Life

Struggling with bad breath can suppress your self-esteem and affect your confidence. If you seem to have chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, our team invites you to try several home remedies for bad breath, including: - Brushing and flossing: You can ward off bad breath by brushing your... Read more »

Taking Measures to Avoid Chipped Teeth

Tooth enamel is made from a dense matrix of microscopic mineral crystals. This gives your teeth the ability to bite and break down food into small enough pieces to be safely swallowed. However, there are things that can potentially chip or fracture a tooth. Curtailing certain bad habits can help... Read more »

Methods of Treating Gum Disease

You may already be aware that gum disease can cause tooth loss and bad breath, but did you know that if leaving gum disease untreated can result in health complications beyond just your smile? Since gum disease enables bacteria to invade your body through your mouth, it can affect conditions... Read more »

Protect Your Smile With Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

If you have not yet scheduled your next oral cancer screening this year, we invite you to do so without delay because oral cancer can develop in any smile regardless of your age, race, or sex. An early diagnosis can greatly improve your chance for a full recovery from oral... Read more »

Seek Professional Assistance for a Loose Dental Crown

Dental crowns, when first applied, are given a strong dental adhesive to cement them onto their abutments for a strong anchor that should endure several years of wear. However, at times, the complications of oral trauma or poor oral hygiene can weaken the hold of a dental crown. If your... Read more »

Caroling and Tooth-care

Do you find it too tedious to brush for the full two minutes recommended by most dentists? Brushing for that full two minutes can do a lot of good to help you clean your teeth and protect your oral cavity from dangers like periodontal disease, so it’s important to do.... Read more »

Skipping Your Dental Checkup Could Lead to a Developing Toothache

The American Dental Association advises you to have a routine checkup performed by a dentist twice each year. Each of these basic appointments is designed to clean away tartar and other bacterial matter, while also examining your mouth for any early signs of gum disease and cavities.   If you... Read more »

Don’t Neglect Your Smile If You Are a Nursing Mother

If you have been putting off your dental care because you have a nursing infant, we have some good news! Dental materials are safe for nursing mothers and shouldn't harm your infant. This means sedation for you and laser dentistry are safe without your breast milk needing to be pumped and dumped.... Read more »