Do you have a constant toothache that refuses to dull? What about soreness and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? If so, you might have a cavity, and we are here to help you.

Cavities occur when bacteria and decay attack a tooth and begin to destroy the structure, which can result in a hole right inside the tooth. When this happens, Dr. Stephen Henry needs to remove the decay, clean the tooth, and insert a dental filling. Our dentist will numb the tooth and then use a drill to remove the harmful substances. Once the tooth is clear of decay, he will thoroughly clean it and fill the hole with a composite filling, which is a tooth-colored substance. The filling will be installed layer by layer, and it will be trimmed and filed to fit your bite perfectly.

This type of filling is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it has the ability to make alterations to all of the teeth, including the front teeth. Composite fillings completely bond to the tooth structure and provide further support for the tooth, ending in a natural-looking result. This type of filling is also beneficial for those who are opposed to sliver amalgam fillings. Many believe that amalgam fillings are harmful to their teeth because of the toxins the mercury substance releases. We care for our patients, and we want to make sure everyone feels loved and understood.

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