Perio Protect® in Foster City, California, is a periodontal disease treatment that offers a gentle, effective source of medication that fights the bacteria that forms the disease.

Dr. Stephen Henry provides this product because it gives you the strength and ability to fight the disease and win. This is a method you will use at home, and if you stay committed to the schedule and tips we provide, you will finish the process feeling cleaner and more beautiful. It will also eliminate your bad breath and brighten your smile.

This product is in the forms of a tray, and inside the tray are medications that will treat your disease and help you maintain a positive oral health. When the tray is placed in your mouth, the medications will spill onto the gums and soak into the pockets, medicating the area and cleaning the bacteria. This is a custom-made tray just for you and your situation. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and we will do everything we can to restore your oral health.

To learn more about how Perio Protect® can benefit you, please do not hesitate to call the dental office of Dr. Stephen Henry DDS at 650-341-5656. We are here for you, and we are happy to answer your questions.