Fluoride is a natural mineral that is usually found in different foods and water. Your teeth lose and add these minerals every day, and we recommend fluoride treatment to give your teeth the minerals they need to stay strong and fight off bacteria, infection, and decay.

Our team at the dental practice of Dr. Stephen Henry DDS provides fluoride treatments during your regular dental exams and cleanings, which is a nice and necessary touch. This treatment is offered in a foam, gel, or varnish, and the fluoride is generally flavored. Your hygienist will apply the fluoride in your mouth and have you wait a few minutes before rinsing it out. This allows the fluoride minerals to soak into the teeth. This is a great way to give your teeth the minerals they need and to reverse the effects of decay.

We also recommend including a fluoride treatment in your every-day dental hygiene routine. The treatment can involve many products, such as mouth wash, fluoride rinse, and fluoride toothpaste. There are also fluoride tablets available for children. There are many options available to you, but we ask that you be careful because it is possible to too much fluoride.

To learn more about fluoride treatments in Foster City, California, we invite you to call our office at 650-341-5656 and schedule an appointment with our dentist!