We are proud to utilize digital X-rays in Foster City, California, to thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity and completely understand what is best for your oral health.

Digital X-rays are advanced dental X-rays. It is a great machine that takes pictures of your teeth, gums, and also keeps you save by using less radiation than other machines. It is a type of technology that does not make you wait. Once the pictures are taken, they are sent directly to Dr. Stephen Henry’s computer, and they do not need a dark room to develop. This gives our dentist the opportunity of zooming in on a clear and accurate picture to examine any small issues you might have. This helps him identify the dental issues that are not visible to the naked eye. The fact that the X-rays send the image directly to the computer also gives our dentist the chance to send the X-rays to other doctors, if needed. This makes communication between your various healthcare providers easier and more convenient. The digital X-ray machine also has an enhanced characteristic that allows your dentist to see the small changes that have occurred in your mouth over time. This is possible because it compares the new X-ray to an old X-ray and subtracts the sections of the pictures that are exactly the same, leaving the changes in plain sight. This is called subtraction radiography.

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