At the dental practice of Dr. Stephen Henry DDS, you can expect the best dental care possible, and that is because we are proud to use DIAGNOdent® in Foster City, California, to detect any decay that a visual evaluation and X-ray may not identify.

DIAGNOdent® is a dental tool that examines your mouth in the form of a laser. It has the ability of detecting small lesinos and incipient caries, and it allows you to protect and preserve the health of your teeth. This is a small, portable device that is easy to operate and is beneficial and convenient for both our dentist and hygienists. Is has also proved to be extremely accurate, and it gives us the opportunity to treat a problem during the early stages of development rather than the later stages when it might be too late.

We care for you and your health, and we are grateful to use this machine to benefit you. We work hard at preventing any dental problems, but if there are some, we do our best to treat it before it completely harms your mouth. We do everything we can to help our patients in every way possible, and we are happy to help you reach your oral health goals with DIAGNOdent®.

If you have any questions about this dental technology, and to schedule your appointment, please feel free to give us a call at 650-341-5656 and talk with a member of our team!