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Do you find it too tedious to brush for the full two minutes recommended by most dentists? Brushing for that full two minutes can do a lot of good to help you clean your teeth and protect your oral cavity from dangers like periodontal disease, so it’s important to do. To help you, here is a tip you can follow during any time of the year, but one that’s most exciting during the holidays.

To help you brush your teeth for two minutes, try humming a song or singing a song in your head as you brush. If you sing even just one two-minute song, you’ll be over brushing by the time the song is done since most songs are longer than two minutes. If you’re trying this trick during the holidays, you can even sing a holiday song to get yourself in the holiday spirit! To help you get started with this habit, you might consider setting a music player or speaker in your bathroom to play the song during your brushing sessions.

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