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Did you know that lasers have been in the field of dentistry since the early 1990s? Not only are they used for many procedures in dentistry, but with each passing decade, more services and treatments are becoming available that take advantage of the truly awesome powers and benefits that lasers can provide.

Lasers are commonly seen in teeth whitening treatments, as they are highly effective at doubling as a light source for activating whitening gels that seep deep into stains and discolorations. Although it may seem dangerous, these lasers are perfectly safe and designed to protect your teeth in all manners possible.

Lasers are also highly effective in treatments that require cleaning and preparing teeth for future dental services, which includes dental fillings and root canals. Lasers can burn away excess gum tissue and decay to ensure the tooth is clean and ready for treatment. Lasers can also be used to burn away lesions or sores, remove small amounts of tissue for cancer biopsies, and also for reshaping gums and tissue around the teeth.

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