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Have you ever heard someone say that the reason that they are prone to cavities or gum disease is because of their genetics? For example, they might say “My dad has bad teeth, so it makes sense that I would get so many cavities.” Do you ever wonder how much of this is true? Here are the facts:

-Though dental problems can certainly include genetic factors, the issue is almost always because of a combination of your biology and your interactions with the environment.

-Have you thought about genetic testing? It’s important to know that if you have a DNA marker for a certain condition, this does not mean you will inevitably develop it. In fact, your environment and lifestyle can be an even greater determinant of your health than your genetics.

-Currently, genetic researchers have not been able to pinpoint any one gene that is largely linked to gum disease. There is strong evidence, however, for certain environmental factors, such as smoking and diabetes.

-The best way to evaluate your current and future dental health is to seek an oral examination with dentists like Dr. Stephen Henry.

So the good news is that you have a high level of control over your dental health. Following general oral hygiene guidelines to brush twice a day, floss once a day, eat a balanced diet and see your dentist regularly can send you on the straight and narrow path to good oral health.

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