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A severely decayed or damaged tooth is often lost or requires extraction to address discomfort and prevent a dangerous infection from developing in the root. Afterward you might be provided with a prescription for pain medication and a possible course of antibiotics, which will need to be taken as directed.

Even if you learn to live with the decreased oral function caused by the missing tooth, the structural gap in your mouth can lead to other long-term complications. In time it can cause the nearby teeth to drift out of alignment with their partners in your dentition. As it continues to develop the misalignment can lead to chipped teeth and fractured teeth in your bite pattern.

In many of these cases a dentist like Dr. Stephen Henry might be able to replace the missing tooth with a dental bridge which can prevent these complications while restoring the natural function of your mouth.

The treatment process is designed to install a single piece of dental work which consists of two dental crowns fused together with a replica tooth fused that will match the void. It will be mounted on a pair of abutments formed by the two closest neighboring teeth.

Your dental bridge from durable materials that rival the inherent strength of tooth enamel. If it will be highly visible when you smile, our dentist will likely recommend a dental bridge made from porcelain, which can match the tooth enamel of the surrounding teeth. When it is ready the dental bridge will be cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive

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